What is Axional Projects?


It is a useful cloud solution that supports business planning, management and evaluation of distributed teams. Axional Projects helps to improve the individual performance of each participant, by facilitating both the planning and the execution of tasks and milestones using Kanban cards. It includes a Clock functionality (clock-in / clock-out), that allows charging man-hours to tasks, lists, boards and client projects. This capability helps handling customer requirements that must be divided into time, deadline, milestones, and tasks. Graphically, simply, in real time, it provides a view of forecast, execution progress and deviations in costs, dedication or schedule. It gives an outstanding information for managers to streamline workloads in both effort hours and tasks assigned per person, day, week, month, etc.

It includes a graphic display to review what was done versus what was planned, and to drill down to the smallest detail, where attention needs to focus. It is a repository to record and manage requirements originated from multiple sources. It can be as simple as received email or as complex as needed, adding lists to validate or remember, forms to fill out, time frames, resources, etc.

It also provides an excellent framework for recording dedicated time, accumulating resource distribution, and prepare data for automatic billing (periodic, recurring, by milestone, etc.). Therefore, managers get a precise overview of expected income and expenses, as well as accurate information on income and expenses actually incurred. A host of useful details that make it easier for us to overcome the same problems that we face today in this business environment.