What is Axional Projects?

Axional projects simplifies and organizes your projects and tasks, either individually or in teams. Visual project management is the ideal methodology to easily improve efficiency.

It is an ideal solution for organizing and monitoring a project and making the most of teamwork. It is based on the Kanban methodology, used in process management and software development. The combination of this methodology with online capability multiplies the power of the tool. The solution has been designed to take full advantage of graphics, which makes it very clear and intuitive.

The use of this tool is instinctive due to its simplicity and emphasizing the use intuitive methods such as clicking and dragging.

Create and plan projects effortlessly.

A project is essentially a temporary effort that is carried out to create a unique product, service or result. You can create as many projects as necessary and they can be individual or shared with other users. Save time in project planning and allocating available resources to work on a new project.

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Create documents of your projects

Create documents directly from the application. Use this tool to work collaboratively and have all the information you need on hand: text, images, videos. Edit your texts as many times as necessary. These documents will be visible to all members who belong to the working group of this project. Similarly, all members can edit them.

Create and manage new tasks

From the Issues portal you can quickly create new tasks for managing your projects in a very visual and collaborative way shared with your entire team.

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Temporal View of all your activity

A Calendar will provide a full vision of all your tasks and projects in an interactive way, displayed at the most appropriate scale: days, weeks or months.

New Billing Module

Axional Projects now includes a new integrated billing module, which allows you to automate the monetization of your projects in a very simple way.

Each of the billing concepts defined in the Project, whether by milestones, phases or simply by hours, are controlled from Axional Projects – Billing and allows the automatic generation of invoices to the client.

Members of Project Team report their incurred time and define if they are eligible for invoicing. This information feeds the Project Balance in terms of costs and time.

The pre-billing functionality allows manual fine-tunes of the generated invoices (changes in prices, amounts, quantities, etc.) to match the actual needs of the billing department.

The module also allows postponing records for billing in a later period, partial billing of the incurred costs, or the aggregation of billable lines. Another interesting feature of Axional Projects is its capability to manage inter-company billing in a simple way, in scenarios where the same customer receives services from multiple companies belonging to the same group.

Managing your company's billing has never been so easy

With the new Axional Projects – Billing module you will have a complete solution for your company:

  • Full definition of milestones, tasks, phases or global conditions, billable or not.
  • Scheduled, on-demand or recurring billing, both by fixed subscription, progress billing or by incurred billable costs.
  • Fine grain time imputation for cost tracking and partial invoicing  (by milestone, task, phase) and total balance (project completion).
  • Flexible allocation of profiles and billing rates for budgeting project teams.
  • Alerts and monitoring of milestones and specific billing dates: planned, re-planned and effective due dates.
  • Monitoring and analysis of costs, either foreseen, incurred, billable or invoiced both by client, by period, by project or team.
  • Inter-company billing to compensate resources dedicated by each company to the same project or customer.
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