Planning & collaboration


The new business environment has made clear, companies are hard-pressed to collaborate, manage and plan their projects with efficiently distributed teams, as if they were all together in the same office. Deister Software uses its own tool for managing teams, projects and tasks in centers distributed in different countries and with teams located in multiple geographic locations.

In any project, the daily challenges are analogous to those of any other company:

-Define and manage work teams.

-Define and manage `projects’ or ‘task orders.

-List and characterize tasks, stages, objectives, milestones, deadlines.

-Assign teams and resources.

-Manage the expected vs. actual workload.

-Organize the time horizon (By day, by week…)

-Manage the team, the tasks in progress, the “bottlenecks”.

-Provide people in-charge with the immediate vision of tasks planned and accomplished.

-Manage schedules, deadlines, milestones, objectives.


Axional Projects is our simple, leading edge tool that meets these shared needs. Telework requires a 360º vision in terms of productivity and efficiency:

– The person who performs a task

– The team leader who supervises a team

– The manager who manages requirements, deadlines and delivery


For decades, we have been developing both custom and standard software as well as providing business consulting. During this time, we have confronted with the same challenges in conducting business remotely and with multi-location.

During its design and development, Axional Projects has incorporated our experience in the ERP world. Thus, user profiles, permissions, rights, security, integrity, traceability, auditing, control, monitoring, flexibility and adaptation, are naturally incorporated guidelines.